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Index of Acts

NumberName of PublicationPagesPrice
1978-79/23Accommodation Levy61.50
1980/11Accommodation Levy Abolition10.50
1984/18Acts Interpretation Amdt21.50
1967/11Advocate General31.50
1975/8Advocate General Amdt10.50
1966/5Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief83.00
1969/16Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1971-72/1Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt21.50
1972/5Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1975/1Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1976/6Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1977/11Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1979/5Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1980/19Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1981/11Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1982/3Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1983/2Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt114.50
1986/7Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1987/18Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1988/2Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief Amdt10.50
1984/16Air Services Licensing73.00
1985/6Air Services Licensing Amdt21.50
1986/20Air Services Licensing Amdt10.50
1989/17Air Services Licensing Amdt10.50
1995/4Air Services Licensing Amdt21.50
1968-69/20Airport & Airport Authority51.50
1985/5Airport Authority103.00
1989/13Airport Authority Amdt21.50
1994/10Airport Authority Amdt21.50
1999/10Airport Authority Amdt63.00
1986/13Airport Security114.50
1981/5Aitutaki Motus Prohibition of Lease Amdt10.50
1989/2Aitutaki Motus Prohibition of Lease Amdt10.50
1970/1Aitutaki Motus Prohibition of Leases21.50
1977/18Aitutaki Wharf Regulation Revocation10.50
1981/14Animals Amdt10.50
1984-85/25Animals Amdt10.50
1994-95/38Antiquities & Artfacts Act103.00
1992-93/16Aponga Uira o Tumutevarovaro Amdt10.50
1989/38Appropriation  Amdt21.50
1983/1Appropriation (Imprest Supply)31.50
1973/2Appropriation (No 1)21.50
1989/39Appropriation (Westpac Loan) Amdt10.50
1977/12Appropriation 197721.50
1995/6Appropriation Act21.50
1970/19Appropriation Amdt21.50
1976/1Appropriation Amdt31.50
1991/14Appropriation Amdt21.50
1991-92/40Appropriation Amdt21.50
1992/13Appropriation Amdt21.50
1994/4Appropriation Amdt21.50
1995-96/14Appropriation Amdt21.50
1997/14Appropriation Amdt298.50
1998/1Appropriation Amdt83.00
2000/06Appropriation Amdt41.50
2001/5Appropriation Amdt51.50
1992-93/21Appropriation Amdt (No. 2)21.50
1973-74/44Appropriation No. 221.50
1989/25Appropriation(Westpac Loan)10.50
1977/4Arms Ordinance Amdt10.50
1975/14Asian Bank21.50
1973/15Aviation Offences114.50
1986-87/23Bank of the Cook Islands124.50
1991/23Bank of the Cook Islands Repeal10.50
1989/40Banking Amdt10.50
1973/7Births & Deaths Registration238.50
1997/8Broadcast Amdt31.50
1970-71/27Broadcasting & Newspaper Corporation103.00
1976/14Broadcasting & Newspaper Corporation41.50
1997/19Broadcasting Amdt (No. 2)21.50
1968/11Building Controls & Standards83.00
1991/2Building controls & standards73.00
1984/10Business Development Fund51.50
1991-92/38Business Development Fund Repeal10.50
1973-74/38C Is. Industrial & Labour Ordinance Amt21.50
1984/23C.I.D.B. Amdt11.50
1991/13Cable & Wireless41.50
1980/15Cable & Wireless Ltd (Limitation of Liabilities)21.50
1990/9Cancellation, Suspension & Bar of Registration21.50
1998/7Carriage of Goods196.00
1978/9Child Benefit21.50
1983/3Child Benefits Amdt21.50
1992/7CIDB Amdt21.50
1984/5CIGPC Amdt10.50
1987/10CIGPC Amdt10.50
1997/15CIGPC Amdt10.50
1966/18Cinematograph Ordinance Amdt10.50
1985/4Civil Aviation154.50
1968-69/19Civil Aviation Amdt103.00
1968/12Civil List83.00
1984/3Civil List103.00
1968-69/22Civil List Amdt10.50
1969/17Civil List Amdt21.50
1973/3Civil List Amdt31.50
1973-74/26Civil List Amdt10.50
1977/8Civil List Amdt31.50
1977/13Civil List Amdt10.50
1978-79/14Civil List Amdt10.50
1979-80/11Civil List Amdt10.50
1980/20Civil List Amdt31.50
1981/9Civil List Amdt21.50
1981-82/22Civil List Amdt41.50
1987/23Civil List Amdt10.50
1990/12Civil List Amdt10.50
1995-96/11Civil List Amdt10.50
1997/6Civil List Amdt10.50
2000/01Civil List Amdt21.50
1967/9Civil List Amdt10.50
1975/11Civil List Amdt (Repealed)31.50
1965/6Civil List Ordinance Amdt21.50
1966/23Civil List Ordinance Amdt10.50
1972/12Code of Civil Procedure of the High Court15150.00
1989/14Commissions of Inquiry Amendment51.50
1966/14Commissions of Inquiry63.00
1971-72/5Companies Amdt41.50
1984/17Companies Amdt21.50
1987/15Companies Amdt21.50
1993/1Companies Amdt31.50
1999/5Companies Amdt176.00
2000/05Companies Amdt10.50
1968-69/17Constitution Amdt (No. 1)10.50
1981-82/20Constitution Amdt (No. 10)51.50
1982/2Constitution Amdt (No. 11)41.50
1992/10Constitution Amdt (No. 13)21.50
1991/21Constitution Amdt (No. 14)31.50
1993/10Constitution Amdt (No. 15)10.50
1993-94/12Constitution Amdt (No. 16)10.50
1994-95/36Constitution Amdt (No. 17)63.00
1995-96/8Constitution Amdt (No. 18)10.50
1995-96/33Constitution Amdt (No. 19)10.50
1968-69/27Constitution Amdt (No. 2)31.50
1986/19Constitution Amdt (No. 2)21.50
1997/2Constitution Amdt (No. 20)10.50
1997/3Constitution Amdt (No. 21)10.50
1997/17Constitution Amdt (No. 22)21.50
1999/4Constitution Amdt (No. 23)31.50
1969/9Constitution Amdt (No. 3)51.50
1970/20Constitution Amdt (No. 4)10.50
1970/21Constitution Amdt (No. 5)10.50
1973/1Constitution Amdt (No. 6)31.50
1975/17Constitution Amdt (No. 7)21.50
1978-79/22Constitution Amdt (No. 8)10.50
1980-81/24Constitution Amdt (No. 9)3612.00
1993/9Constitutional & Other Polls21.50
1977/17Continental Shelf Amdt21.50
1966/6Control of Prices144.50
1971-72/3Control of Prices Amdt10.50
1973/13Control of Prices Amdt144.50
1965/4Cook Islands Amdt10.50
1968/15Cook Islands Amdt21.50
1969/14Cook Islands Amdt10.50
1973-74/30Cook Islands Amdt10.50
1978-79/19Cook Islands Amdt10.50
1980/18Cook Islands Amdt31.50
1982/4Cook Islands Amdt21.50
1986-87/27Cook Islands Amdt31.50
1994/7Cook Islands Amdt73.00
1995-96/28Cook Islands Amdt41.50
1968-69/25Cook Islands Amdt10.50
1970-71/32Cook Islands Amdt (Medical Officer)10.50
1970/2Cook Islands Amdt (No. 1)31.50
1970/4Cook Islands Amdt (No. 2)10.50
1995-96/32Cook Islands Amdt (No. 2)10.50
1970/5Cook Islands Amdt (No. 3)21.50
1995-96/36Cook Islands Amdt (No. 3)10.50
1968/1Cook Islands Christian Church (Private Act)288.50
1970/8Cook Islands Co-operative Societies 1963 Amdt.21.50
1978/11Cook Islands Development Bank10.50
1980/5Cook Islands Development Bank103.00
1999/11Cook Islands Development Bank Amdt83.00
1973/19Cook Islands Ensign21.50
1978-79/26Cook Islands Ensign Amdt21.50
1969/2Cook Islands Govt. Property Corporation51.50
1978/10Cook Islands Industrial Labour Ordinance Amdt41.50
1998/3Cook Islands Investment Corporation124.50
1998/13Cook Islands Investment Corporation Amdt21.50
1999/8Cook Islands Investment Corporation Amdt73.00
1986/10Cook Islands Monetary Board Amdt10.50
1990/11Cook Islands Monetary Board Amdt10.50
1994/19Cook Islands Monetary Board Amdt31.50
1999/14Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust73.00
1966/2Cook Islands Ordinance Amdt41.50
1993/6Cook Islands Pearl Authority103.00
1999/13Cook Islands Property Corporation Amdt63.00
1992/9Cook Islands Shipping Licence Ordinance Amdt63.00
1976/23Cook Islands Shipping License Ordinance Amdt21.50
1998/21Cook Islands Tourism Marketing Corporation124.50
1966/16Co-op Societies Regulations 1953 Amdt41.50
2001/3Coroners Amendment10.50
1973-74/40Crash, Fire, Rescue & Security Services31.50
1982/6Crimes  Amdt ( Int Protected Persons)114.50
1986/9Crimes Act10.50
1970/16Crimes Amdt10.50
1972/4Crimes Amdt10.50
1973/5Crimes Amdt10.50
1977/14Crimes Amdt41.50
1981-82/17Crimes Amdt21.50
1994/8Crimes Amdt21.50
1994-95/34Crimes Amdt10.50
1967/7Criminal Justice134.50
1981/12Criminal Justice10.50
1976/15Criminal Justice Amdt83.00
1987/4Criminal Justice Amdt10.50
1995-96/24Criminal Justice Amdt10.50
2000/09Criminal Justice Amdt21.50
1980-81/28Criminal Procedure10.50
1998/10Criminal Procedure Amdt31.50
2000/07Criminal Procedure Amdt21.50
1991/5Criminal Records50.50
1991/27Criminal Records Amdt10.50
1994-95/32Crown Law Amdt21.50
1980/16Crown Law Office41.50
1987/11Crown Law Office Amdt10.50
1989/15Crown Law office Amdt10.50
1989/36Crown Law office Amdt10.50
1995/2Crown Law Office Amdt Act21.50
1994-95/40Cultural & Historic Places Act206.00
1994-95/31Currency Amdt21.50
1989/9Currency Reserve Amdt21.50
1987/7Currency Reserves21.50
1971-72/8Customs (Validation of Tariff)21.50
1976/18Customs Amdt21.50
1977/5Customs Amdt10.50
1986-87/31Customs Amdt21.50
1973-74/32Customs Order Confirmation21.50
1980/14Customs Tariff83.00
1984/21Dangerous Goods178.50
1976/9Decimal Currency21.50
1980-81/29Decimal Currency10.50
1973/14Decimal Currency Amdt10.50
1975/7Decimal Currency Amdt21.50
1976/20Decimal Currency Amdt21.50
1978/3Decimal Currency Amdt10.50
1978-79/15Decimal Currency Amdt10.50
1981-82/23Decimal Currency Amdt10.50
1983/4Decimal Currency Amdt10.50
1973/17Decimal Currency Amdt No. 221.50
1994/18Declaratory  Judgement31.50
1967/1Definition of Aratapu Rarotonga10.50
1970/18Department of Agriculture63.00
1986-87/24Department of Civil Aviation83.00
1973-74/37Department of Electric Power Supply51.50
1995-96/22Development Investment144.50
1990/14Development Investment Amdt10.50
1991/10Development Investment Amdt (No. 1)11.50
1991/15Development Investment Amdt (No. 2)10.50
1977/21Development Investment Code228.50
1977/1Diesel Road Tax Ordinance (Repealed)10.50
1981/8Distillation Amdt10.50
1986/17Dogs Registration134.50
1991/8Dogs Registration Amdt21.50
1992/4Dogs Registration Amdt41.50
2000/12Dogs Registration Amendment41.50
1973-74/41Economic Services  and Natural Resources93.00
1967-68/20Education Amdt21.50
1968-69/26Education Amdt10.50
1989/7Education Amdt21.50
1992/8Education AMDT21.50
1966/3Electoral (Chief Electoral Office)9829.00
1967/13Electoral Amdt31.50
1969/15Electoral Amdt21.50
1970/12Electoral Amdt10.50
1971-72/11Electoral Amdt51.50
1976/11Electoral Amdt73.00
1979/6Electoral Amdt21.50
1982/7Electoral Amdt41.50
1984-85/28Electoral Amdt10.50
1986-87/21Electoral Amdt41.50
1988/5Electoral Amdt41.50
1989/11Electoral Amdt73.00
1991/22Electoral Amdt21.50
1993/3Electoral Amdt41.50
1998/14Electoral Amdt5418.50
1999/7Electoral Amdt166.00
1966/20Electoral Amdt10.50
1993-94/13Electoral Amdt (No. 2)31.50
2000/02Electoral Amendment10.50
1999/19Electoral Amendment (No. 2)31.50
1970-71/30Entry & Departure Amdt21.50
1966/19Entry & Departure Ordinance Amdt21.50
1971-72/2Entry, Residence & Departure5118.50
1972/15Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt21.50
1973-74/24Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt21.50
1975/25Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt41.50
1980-81/25Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt31.50
1984-85/27Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt10.50
1991/19Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt31.50
1995-96/10Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt21.50
1995-96/34Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt10.50
1995/1Entry, Residence & Departure Amdt Act21.50
1986-87/22Evidence Amdt31.50
1986-87/30Evidence Amdt (No. 2)10.50
1968-69/23Exchange Control Amdt10.50
1985/1Film & Censorship103.00
1982/5Finance (ADB & Telephone Exchange)10.50
1991/29Finance (ADB)10.50
1976/4Fisheries Protection21.50
1969/1Fugitive Offenders114.50
1991-92/35Gaming (Tattersalls) Amdt31.50
1989/18Gaming Amdt21.50
1997/9Gaming Amdt21.50
1994-95/27General Licensing Amdt Act51.50
1989/10General Licensing Authority103.00
1995-96/17General Licensing Authority10.50
1994/2General Licensing Authority Amdt10.50
1968/5Govt. Loans & Contracts31.50
1971-72/4Harbour Control41.50
1989/5Higher Salaries Commission73.00
1986/11Hire Purchase3512.00
1987/13Hire Purchase Amdt31.50
1978/2House Amdt10.50
1966/4House of Ariki4715.00
1967/10House of Ariki Amdt10.50
1970-71/26House of Ariki Amdt10.50
1972/7House of Ariki Amdt21.50
1976/13Housing Authority Amdt41.50
1997/1Housing Corporatiion (Abolition)31.50
1989/24Housing corporation166.00
1978/12Housing corporation of the Cook Islands103.00
1973/4Hurricane Safety83.00
1987/1Illegal Contracts41.50
1975/13Import & Levy Amdt73.00
1972/9Import Levy176.00
1973-74/33Import Levy Amdt21.50
1977/7Import Levy Amdt83.00
1978-79/18Import Levy Amdt103.00
1997/16Importation of Motor Vehicles (SP Forum)21.50
1968-69/24Income Tax9729.00
1972/16Income Tax14950.00
1970/10Income Tax  (1969 Period Assessment)31.50
1972/11Income Tax (Annual 1971)21.50
1972/17Income Tax (Annual 1973)10.50
1976/8Income Tax (Annual 1975)10.50
1977/10Income Tax (Annual 1976)10.50
1978/6Income Tax (Annual 1977)10.50
1979/4Income Tax (annual 1978)10.50
1981/2Income Tax (Annual 1979-81)21.50
1983-84/6Income Tax (Annual 1982/83)21.50
1984/12Income Tax (Annual 1984)63.00
1987/19Income Tax (Annual 1985/86)10.50
1987/20Income Tax (Annual 1987)63.00
1989/1Income Tax (Annual 1988) 198921.50
1989/29Income Tax (annual 1989)21.50
1989/41Income Tax (Annual 1990)21.50
1991/3Income Tax (Annual 1991)21.50
1991-92/33Income Tax (Annual 1992)21.50
1992-93/14Income Tax (Annual 1993)21.50
1994/3Income Tax (Annual 1994)21.50
1969/8Income Tax (Annual)21.50
1970/11Income Tax (Annual)21.50
1989/37Income Tax (No. 2) Amdt63.00
1997/12Income Tax Act8929.00
1965/8Income Tax Amdt21.50
1967/16Income Tax Amdt10.50
1969/7Income Tax Amdt21.50
1970/9Income Tax Amdt31.50
1975/5Income Tax Amdt10.50
1976/5Income Tax Amdt10.50
1977/9Income Tax Amdt10.50
1978-79/21Income Tax Amdt10.50
1979-80/9Income Tax Amdt21.50
1980/2Income Tax Amdt10.50
1980/10Income Tax Amdt21.50
1983-84/8Income Tax Amdt21.50
1987/6Income Tax Amdt41.50
1988/1Income Tax Amdt21.50
1989/30Income Tax Amdt63.00
1990/10Income Tax Amdt31.50
1991/30Income Tax Amdt21.50
1994/21Income Tax Amdt31.50
1997/5Income Tax Amdt31.50
1975/6Income Tax Amdt (Annual 1974)10.50
1980/8Income Tax Amdt (No. 2)31.50
1987/16Income Tax Amdt (No. 2)93.00
1997/21Income Tax Amdt (No. 2)41.50
1994-95/29Income Tax Amdt Act21.50
1998/19Income Tax Amendment21.50
2001/1Income Tax Amendment10.50
1969/6Income Tax Assessment6522.50
1975/2Income Tax Exemption (Army Personnel)10.50
1968/10Income Tax Ordinance10.50
1966/12Income Tax Ordinance Amdt21.50
1975/20Income Tax Surcharge31.50
1978/7Income Tax Surcharge21.50
1994/11Incorporated Societies114.50
1997/22Incorporated Societies Amdt10.50
1998/9Incorporates Societies Amdt51.50
1970-71/25Insurance Companies Deposits114.50
1994-95/25Insurance Law Reform Act51.50
1981-82/26International Companies23770.00
1986-87/26International Companies Amdt114.50
1987/26International Companies Amdt10.50
1988/6International Companies Amdt31.50
1989/22International Companies Amdt166.00
1990/4International Companies Amdt308.50
1991/20International Companies Amdt10.50
1995-96/31International Companies Amdt21.50
1991/31International Companies Amdt (No. 2)5818.50
1984/22International Departure Tax21.50
1986/18International Departure Tax Amdt10.50
1994/15International Departure Tax Amdt10.50
1984/13International Partnership206.00
1999/15International Partnership Amdt31.50
1999/20International Shipping154.50
1985/7International Trust Amdt10.50
1989/23International Trust Amdt134.50
1991/32International Trust Amdt41.50
1995-96/25International Trust Amdt258.50
1989/31International Trust Amdt (No. 2)21.50
1984/14International Trusts114.50
1999/3International Trusts Amdt63.00
1995-96/30International Trusts Amdt (No. 2)21.50
1981/6Judicature Amdt21.50
1986/12Judicature Amdt10.50
1991/7Judicature Amdt41.50
1998/8Judicature Amdt21.50
2000/03Judicature Amdt21.50
1986/15Judicature Amdt (No. 2)10.50
1991/28Judicature Amdt (No. 2)10.50
1976/7Juries Amdt10.50
1983-84/7Juries Amdt10.50
1979/1L.A. Powers & Privileges10.50
1994/14Land & Income Tax Repeal21.50
1970/7Land (Facilitation of Dealings)248.00
1973/11Land (Facilitation of Dealings) Amdt No. 121.50
1973-74/25Land (Facilitation of Dealings) Amdt No. 210.50
1969/10Land Use31.50
1978/4Law Practitioner136.00
1993-94/15Law Practitioners238.50
1968/16Law Reforms73.00
1976/22Leases Restrictions41.50
1986/5Legas Power & Privileges Amdt21.50
1994-95/37Legislative Assembly Members Super Amdt21.50
1976/19Legislative Assembly Members Superannuation73.00
1967/3Legislative Assembly Powers & Privileges93.00
1968-69/18Legislative Assembly Powers & Privileges Amdt21.50
1968-69/29Legislative Service93.00
1992-93/18Legislative Service Amdt10.50
1970-71/24Life Insurance4215.00
1981/3Liquor Control Amdt21.50
1988/8Liquor Licensing134.50
1990/2Liquor Licensing Amdt31.50
1975/15Loan Authorisation10.50
1966/9Local Government381.00
1966/15Local Government Amdt10.50
1973-74/45Local Government Amdt21.50
1967-68/18Local Govt. Amdt31.50
1968/2Local Govt. Amdt31.50
1971-72/12Local Govt. Amdt21.50
1989/33Marine Resources Amdt4415.00
1990/5Marine Resources Amdt10.50
1991/1Marine Resources Amdt21.50
1998/11Marriage Amdt31.50
2000/13Marriage Amdt10.50
1991-92/36Matrimonial Property51.50
1977/2Medical & Dental Practice Amdt21.50
1976/10Medical & Dental Practices93.00
1981/13Medical & Dental Practices10.50
1980-81/21Medical & Research Trust (Termination)63.00
1995-96/12Meteorological Services21.50
1997/4MFEM Amdt21.50
1978/13Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries63.00
1990/7Ministry of Cultural Development103.00
1993-94/16Ministry of Cultural Development Amdt31.50
1994/6Ministry of Cultural Development Amdt10.50
1991/16Ministry of Energy93.00
1984/9Ministry of Foreign Affairs63.00
1984/19Ministry of Health83.00
1991/6Ministry of Health103.00
1995-96/18Ministry of Health63.00
1992-93/17Ministry of Health Amdt10.50
1994/9Ministry of Health Amdt21.50
1973-74/27Ministry of Labour & Commerce41.50
1984/15Ministry of Marine Resources114.50
1994/13Ministry of Outer Islands Development73.00
2000/15Ministry of Outer Islands Development (Repeal)21.50
1977/20Ministry of Planning & External Affairs51.50
1973-74/35Ministry of Social Services93.00
1995-96/20Ministry of Social Services (Repeal)10.50
1973-74/36Ministry of Supportive Services41.50
1995/7MOID Amdt10.50
1981-82/18Monetary Board83.00
2000/16Money Laundering Prevention218.50
1986/16Motor Vehicle Dealers7325.50
1987/21Motor Vehicle Dealers Amdt21.50
1965/1Moturakau Vesting21.50
1981-82/29National Art Council114.50
1975/9National Development Corporation93.00
1976/2National Development Corporation21.50
1966/8New Zealand laws51.50
1967/5New Zealand Laws21.50
1968/7New Zealand Laws21.50
1969/19New Zealand Laws31.50
1973/8New Zealand Laws41.50
1979/2New Zealand Laws10.50
1973/23New Zealand Laws (No. 2)21.50
1970/15New Zealand Laws 197031.50
1980/1New Zealand Representative51.50
1986/3Noise Control83.00
1993-94/14Noise Control Amdt41.50
1992/6Notaries Public51.50
1992-93/22Notaries Public Amdt21.50
1981-82/16Offshore Banking124.50
1984-85/30Offshore Banking Amdt51.50
1989/26Offshore Banking Amdt21.50
1995-96/29Offshore Banking Amdt21.50
1998/12Offshore Financial Services154.50
1995-96/26Offshore Industry (Criminal Provision)31.50
1981-82/28Offshore Insurance83.00
1987/9Offshore Insurance21.50
1986-87/28Offshore Insurance Amdt11.50
1965/2Old Age Pension41.50
1991/24Ombudsman Amdt10.50
1981-82/15Outer Island Dev. (Accommodation Levy)73.00
1976/21Outer Island Local Govt.114.50
1984/6Outer Islands Local Government Amdt10.50
1989/4Outer Islands Local Government Amdt31.50
2000/14Outer Islands Local Government Amendment21.50
1980/4Outer Islands Local Govt.61.50
1987/25Outer Islands Local Govt.154.50
1990/8Outer Islands Local Govt. Amdt10.50
1993/4Outer Islands Local Govt. Amdt31.50
1994-95/24Outer Islands Local Govt. Amdt21.50
1995/5Outer Islands Local Govt. Amdt10.50
2001/4Outer Islands Local Govt. Amdt
1975/24Overseas Entertainment Fees21.50
1978-79/17Overseas Exchange Fees10.50
1980/12Overseas Exchange Fees10.50
1978/1Overseas Representative41.50
1993/2Palmerston Island Local Govt.83.00
1989/1Papua Land31.50
1984-85/29Pearl & Pearl Shell Amdt ((Pen, Rak, Manihiki)21.50
1982/8Pearl & Pearl Shells (Pen, Rak, Manihiki)21.50
1992/12Penrhyn (Naharakura Lease) Facilitation114.50
1987/24Planning & Economic Development51.50
1986/1Police Amdt21.50
1994-95/35Police Amdt10.50
1973-74/31Pool Table Amdt10.50
1972/10Pool Tables Licensing31.50
1994-95/30Port Authority Act298.50
1998/4Port Authority Amdt10.50
1999/9Ports Authority63.00
1991/11Post Office Amdt512.00
1973-74/39Premier’s Department134.50
1970/13Prevention of Juvenile Amdt10.50
1968/8Prevention of Juvenile Crime166.00
1997/23Prevention of Juvenile Crime21.50
2000/04Prevention of Juvenile Crime21.50
1998/5Prevention of Marine Pollution Amdt228.50
1980/17Primary Produce Federation103.00
1977/15Primary Produce Marketing21.50
1970-71/31Primary Produce Marketing Board103.00
1971-72/10Primary Produce Marketing Board Amdt21.50
1972/6Primary Produce Marketing Board Amdt10.50
1972/14Primary Produce Marketing Board Amdt No 221.50
1987/29Primary Producers Federation Amdt31.50
1981/10Prisons Amdt10.50
1995-96/23Prisons Amdt10.50
1999/2Prisons Amdt21.50
1980/1Private Act – Tepuna Rehearing21.50
1983-84/9Private Import Tax114.50
1992-93/19Private Import Tax Amdt10.50
1993/11Private Import Tax Amdt10.50
1984/20Privy Council (Judicial Committee)21.50
1992-93/20Privy Council (Judicial Committee) Amdt21.50
1969/3Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labour21.50
1971-72/6Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labour10.50
1995-96/35Property Law Amdt21.50
1970-71/29Public Holiday Amdt10.50
1999/17Public Holidays31.50
1989/21Public Holidays Amdt10.50
1987/2Public Money & Stores3312.00
1989/8Public Money & Stores Amdt21.50
1990/1Public Money & Stores Amdt10.50
1991/25Public Money & Stores Amdt31.50
1975/18Public Money Amdt10.50
1976/16Public Moneys Amdt73.00
1969/4Public Monies186.00
1984/7Public Records73.00
1965/9Public Service246.00
1968-69/28Public Service238.50
1969/12Public Service278.50
1975/10Public Service258.50
1995-96/9Public Service Act166.00
1966/22Public Service Amdt10.50
1967/17Public Service Amdt10.50
1972/13Public Service Amdt41.50
1973/10Public Service Amdt10.50
1977/19Public Service Amdt10.50
1980/3Public Service Amdt31.50
1990/13Public Service Amdt10.50
1991/4Public Service Amdt31.50
2000/10Public Service Amdt31.50
1980-81/22Public Service Amdt (No. 2)41.50
1980-81/26Public Service Amdt (No. 3)51.50
1991/9Public Services Amdt (No. 2)10.50
1973/9Public Tax (Annual 1972)21.50
1972/8Race Relations103.00
1993/7Radio on ship ordinance Repeal10.50
1970/14Rarotonga Dogs Registration51.50
1975/23Rarotonga Entertainment Tax41.50
1981-82/24Rarotonga Entertainment Tax Amdt21.50
1994-95/39Rarotonga Environment Act278.50
1998/16Rarotonga Environment Amdt43.00
1999/18Rarotonga Environment Amdt10.50
1973-74/43Rarotonga Harbour Charges & Fees63.00
1976/3Rarotonga Harbour Charges & Fees Amdt31.50
1980/9Rarotonga Harbour Charges & Fees Amdt21.50
1965/10Rarotonga Island Council Ordinance Amdt51.50
1998/15Rarotonga Local Government Amdt124.50
1988/9Rarotonga Local Govt.124.50
1997/10Rarotonga Local Govt.1910.00
1989/42Rarotonga Motus (Prohibition of Leases)10.50
1981-82/21Rarotonga Motus Prohibition of Leases10.50
1972/3Rarotonga Water Works Amdt10.50
1975/3Religious Organisation Restrictions21.50
1994/23Religious Organisations Restrictions Amdt10.50
1988/4Re-use of Bottles21.50
1969/21Salaries of Judges10.50
1971-72/13Salaries of Judges Amdt10.50
1973/20Salaries of Judges Amdt21.50
1975/12Salaries of Judges Amdt21.50
1991-92/39Sale of Liquor4115.00
1995-96/16Sale of Liquor Amdt93.00
1994-95/28Sale of Liquor Amdt Act10.50
1965/5Sales Tax Ordinance Amdt21.50
1966/13Sales Tax Ordinance Amdt41.50
1994-95/26Secret Commission Act51.50
1986/8Shipping Licence Amdt21.50
1988/7Shipping Licence Amdt21.50
1990/6Shipping Licence Ordinance Amdt10.50
1992/2Shipping Licence Ordinance Amdt21.50
1991/18Shipping Ordinance Amdt10.50
1985/3Shipping Registry268.50
1986/4Shipping Registry Amdt10.50
1987/27Shipping Registry Amdt10.50
1989/32Shipping Registry Amdt93.00
1994/16Shipping Registry Amdt21.50
1997/7Shipping Registry Amdt21.50
1966/11Short Term Crop Leases41.50
1967/14Short Term Crop Leases Amdt10.50
1968/6Short Titles Amdt10.50
1986/14Small Claims166.00
1971-72/7Stamp Duties268.50
1979-80/8Stamp Duties Amdt10.50
1981-82/25Stamp Duties Amdt10.50
1984/4Stamp Duties Amdt10.50
1989/16Stamp Duties Amdt10.50
1992/3Stamp Duties Amdt21.50
1973/22Stamp Duty Amdt21.50
1970/3Statistics Amdt10.50
1973/12Statistics Amdt10.50
1999/12Te Aponga Uira o Tumu te Varovaro Amdt73.00
1991/17Te Aponga Uira o Tumu-te-Varovaro114.50
1994/1Te Aponga Uira o Tumutevarovaro Amdt10.50
1998/2Te Aponga Uira o Tumutevarovaro Amdt10.50
1992/11Telecom Amdt41.50
1997/13Telecom Amdt21.50
1991/12Telecommunications Amdt63.00
1977/16Territorial Sea & Exclusive Economic Zone124.50
1978-79/24Time Amdt10.50
1987/3Tobacco Products Control51.50
1995-96/13Tourism Authority (Repeal)10.50
1989/6Tourism Authority Amdt51.50
1968/9Tourist Authority103.00
1989/27Tourist Authority154.50
1976/12Tourist Authority Amdt41.50
1993-94/17Trading Hours103.00
1994/17Transfer of Offenders51.50
1967/4Transport Amdt10.50
1968-69/21Transport Amdt10.50
1975/22Transport Amdt31.50
1977/3Transport Amdt10.50
1984-85/24Transport Amdt21.50
1987/5Transport Amdt11.50
1992/5Transport Amdt41.50
1992-93/15Transport Amdt21.50
1994/12Transport Amdt21.50
2000/08Transport Amdt21.50
1995/3Transport Amdt Act83.00
1967/8Transport Licensing176.00
1973-74/34Transport Licensing Amdt10.50
1975/4Trochus Shell51.50
1981-82/27Trustee Companies144.50
1987/8Trustee Companies Amdt10.50
1987/30Trustee Companies Amdt73.00
1989/3Trustee Companies Amdt10.50
1995-96/27Trustee Companies Amdt63.00
1980/6Turnover Tax176.00
1981/4Turnover Tax Amdt21.50
1984-85/26Turnover Tax Amdt31.50
1987/14Turnover Tax Amdt21.50
1991-92/37Turnover Tax Amdt31.50
1994/22Turnover Tax Amdt21.50
1982/9Unauthorised Expenditure Validation21.50
1987/17Unauthorised Expenditure Validation10.50
1970/6Unclaimed Moneys51.50
1980/7Use Tax124.50
1997/11  *Value Added Tax3412.00
1997/20Value Added Tax Amdt31.50
1998/20Value Added Tax Amendment24.50
2001/2Value Added Tax Amendment21.50
1968/14Vesting of Part Kotukutea Section No. 3103.00
1999/1Victims of Offences41.50
1992-93/24Visiting Forces63.00
1976/24Wandering Animals41.50
1968/1Wandering Stock Amdt10.50
1973-74/42Waterfront Industry51.50
1987/28Waterfront Industry Amdt10.50
1989/19Waterfront Industry Amdt10.50
1973-74/29Weights & Measures Metric Equivalent31.50
1989/34Welfare Amdt10.50
1991-92/34Welfare Amdt21.50
1994/5Welfare Amdt10.50
1984/11Welfare Tax124.50
1977/6Workers Compensation Amdt21.50
1969/22Workers Compensation Amdt21.50
1965/3Workers Compensation Ordinance Amdt21.50
1973-74/28Workers Compensation Ordinance Amdt21.50
Index of Miscellaneous Publications as of July 2000
2000/0011915 Cook Islands Act$60.00
2000/0021915 Cook Islands Act – Maori Version$20.00
2000/0031924 Acts Interpretation Act$8.50
2000/0041964/01 Industrial and Labour Ordinance$8.50
2000/0051997 Gazette$12.00
2000/0061998 Bills – Volume I$50.00
2000/0071998 Gazette$50.00
2000/0081998 Gazette Volumes 1 – 6$3.00
2000/0091998 Hansard – Volume IV$32.00
2000/0101999 Gazette$22.00
2000/0111999-2000 Appropriation Bill$1.50
2000/012Appropriation Bill$1.50
2000/014Blue Laws$20.00
2000/015Bound Customs Tariff$100.00
2000/016Constitution Amdt15.00
2000/017Cook Island Laws – Blue Volumes$400.00
2000/018Cook Island Laws – Green Volumes$800.00
2000/019Cook Islands Constitution$25.00
2000/020Cook Islands Constitution Amendments No. 1 – 22$15.00
2000/021Copyright Bill$60.00
2000/022Customs Tariff with Amendments$90.00
2000/023Electoral Bill$12.50
2000/032Papers & Order Papers Volume III$20.00
2000/033Parliament Paper No. 23$15.00
2000/034Parliament Paper No. 26$1.50
2000/035Parliament Paper No. 27$1.50
2000/036Parliament Paper No. 28$8.50
2000/037Parliament Paper No. 32$3.00
2000/038Parliament Paper No. 37$15.00
2000/039Parliament Paper No. 38$4.50
2000/040Political Review Report$10.00
2000/049Select Committee Report$3.00
2000/052Telephone Account$50.00
2000/051Telephone Account$8.20
2000/053Telephone Account$4.40
2000/050Telephone Account$1.