Induction for new MPs

By Helen Maunga, Deputy Clerk

Induction workshop for new Members of Parliament: 11 – 14 September 2018

The 11 new members of parliament elected after the June 2018 general election attended an induction program organised by the Parliament of the Cook Islands in collaboration with the Suva UNDP Office. 

With funding support from UNDP, re-elected Members from Mangaia: Tetangi Matapo; Wesley Kareroa; Tony Armstrong; and Tai Tura from Mauke also attended with all costs to attend the Rarotonga workshop paid for by UNDP. 

The workshop pre-planned to be implemented before the first sitting of parliament kicked off well with a good attendance from the Rarotonga members as well from the 11 to 14 September 2018.   The main objectives of the workshop was aimed to prepare the new members with the Parliament Sitting from the 19th September and what they needed to know as a new member.  

Some basic knowledge on parliamentary practices and procedures during Parliament sitting was explained to the members including their privileges entitlements from how much they will get paid and the allowances they are expected to be paid during their parliamentary term. The induction program also gave insights to members the set up and expectations of the Special Parliamentary Select Committees which is one of the most important role for members when selected on the Select Committee. 

More training for members is expected to continue as one of the key priorities of the Parliamentary Secretariat is to strengthen the capacities of the members of parliament while in office.

Members who attended the Induction workshop:

  1. Tony Armstrong
  2. Manuela Kitai
  3. Terepai Maoate Jnr
  4. William Heather
  5. Tamaiva Tuavera
  6. Selina Napa
  7. Te-Hani Brown
  8. Tetangi Matapo
  9. Vaitoti Tupa
  10. Nooroa Baker
  11. Wesley Kareroa
  12. Tingika Elikana
  13. Vaine Mokoroa
  14. Tai Tura
  15. Tereapii Kavana
  16. Tuaine Tangatapoto