Standing Orders

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Part IIntroductory
Part IIMeeting of New Parliament
Part IIIElection of Speaker
Part IVElection of Deputy Speaker
Part VPresiding in Parliament and Committee
Part VIOpening of Parliament
Part VIIAddress in reply
Part VIIISwearing in of Members
Part IXLanguages
Part XSeats of Members
Part XIAttendance of members
Part XIIDuties of Clerk
Part XIIIOfficial Report
Part XIVSessions, Meetings and Sittings
Part XVQuorum and Counting of Parliament
Part XVIAdjournment of Parliament to Discuss Public Business
Part XVIIArrangement of Business
Part XVIIIPapers
Part XIXPetitions
Part XXMessages from the Queen’s Representative
Part XXIMinisterial Statements
Part XXIIPersonal Explanations
Part XXIIIQuestions to Ministers and Members
Part XXIVMotions
Part XXVPutting the Questions
Part XXVIResolutions and Votes
Part XXVIIAmendments
Part XXVIIIVoting and Divisions
Part XXIXRules of Debate
Part XXXRules of Order
Part XXXIBills
Part XXXIIPrivate Bills
Part XXXIIICommittees of the Whole House
Part XXXIVMoney Grants and Taxation
Part XXXVEstimates and Financial Procedure
Part XXXVIInstructions to Committees or house of Arikis
Part XXXVIISelect Committees
Part XXXVIIIStanding Committees
Part XXXIXWitnesses
Part XXXLStrangers
Part XLIPrivilege
Part XLIIBroadcasting
Part XLIIIBalloting
Part XLIVTime LImit of Speeches
Part XLVCode of Conduct for Members
Part XLVIConvention to Standing Orders