A Bill is a proposal for a new law, or a proposal to change an existing law that is presented for debate before Parliament. Only Parliament can pass a Bill.

Bills are introduced in Parliament for examination, discussion and amendment. Each Bill goes through several stages and passage in Parliament, giving MPs and the public the chance to have their say about the Bill. Once Royal Assent is given a Bill becomes an Act of Parliament and is law.

Bills 2023

Crimes (Sexual Offences) Amendment Bill 2023

Crimes (Sexual Offences) Amendment Bill 2023 Explanatory Note

Bills 2022

Criminal Justice (Validation of Parole Board Reappointments) Bill 2022

Ombudsman Amendment Bill 2022


Bills 2021

Bill No. 1 – Appropriation Bill 2021

Bill No. 2 – Constitution Amendment (No. 29) Bill 2021

Bill No. 3 – COVID-19 (Extension of Duration) Amdt Bill 2021

Bill No. 4 – Remuneration Tribunal Amdt Bill 2021

Bill No. 5 – Judicature (Validation of Notification of Land Division Applications) Bill 2021

Bill No. 6 – Companies Amendment Bill 2021

Bill No. 7 – COVID-19 (Extension of Duration and Regulations) Amdt Bill 2021

Bill No. 8-2 – Immigration Bill 2021 (1st tabling in 2020)

Bill No. 9 – International Relationship Property Trusts Bill 2021

Bill No. 10 – Pacific Catastrophe Rish Insurance Facility Bill 2021

Bill No. 11 – Cook Islands Immigration Bill 2021

Bill No. 12 – Income Tax (Company Residence) Amdt Bill 2021

Bills 2020

Bills December Sitting in December 2019

Appropriation Bill 2019-20 (Tabled on 4th June 2019)



Appropriation Amendment Bill 2019 – (Passed on 10th April 2019)

Appropriation Amendment Act 2019 No.1

Appropriation Bill 2018/19 – (Passed on 28th September 2018)

Crimes Bill (2nd Reading)

Marine Resources Bill (2nd Reading)

Justices of the Peace Amendment Bill (2nd Reading)

Cook Islands Law Practitioners Bill (2nd Reading)