Pursuant to Section 5 of the Legislative Services Act 1968 – 1969, No. 29, the control of Parliament is vested in the Speaker. 

The current Speaker is Mr Tai Tura who was initially appointed to the position in 2020.  By Westminster convention, as the Controller of the Proceedings of the House, the Speaker’s role is normally but not limited to:

• Allowing Members who are speaking to express their views;
• Ensuring that Members adhere to the rules of debate, that is, as required by the Standing Orders of the House;
• Regulating the time allocated for debate and ensure that parliamentary time is not wasted;
• Ruling on any dispute as to the procedure to be followed by the House;
• Protecting the right of the minority.

The Speaker also performs other functions as the Head of the legislature such as serving as the Chair of Parliaments Standing Orders Committee, sitting in on Select Committee Sittings, and representing the legislature at local and global parliamentary events.


Mrs. Margurite Story

1965 – 1979

Mr. David Marama Hosking

1979 – 1988

Mr. Raututi Taringa

1989 – 1999

Mr. Ngereteina Puna

1999 – 2001

Sir Pupuke Robati

2002 – 2004

Mr. Norman George

2004 – 2006

Mr. Mapu Taia

2006 – 2010

Sir Geoffery Henry

2010 – 2012

Mrs. Niki Rattle

2012 – 2020

Mr. Tai Tura

 2020 – current