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Index of Regulations

NumberName of PublicationPagesPrice
1994/15 Approval of Use (Bermuda Trust)2$1.50
1994/13 Approval of Use (HSBC International Trustee)2$1.50
1994/14 Approval of Use (HSBC Trustee C. Is)2$1.50
1998/8Admin (Resealing on Hong Kong Trust)  19982$1.50
1989/6Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons1$1.50
1988/12Aged, Destitute & Infirm Persons1$0.50
1986/19Airport Security Act3$1.50
1987/31Aitutaki (Licensing of Boats by laws)1$0.50
1986/22Aitutaki (Licensing of Boats Bylaw)5$1.50
1990/13Aitutaki Fisheries Protection by laws 19909$3.00
1982/4Animals Disease  Prevention9$3.00
1982/3Animals Import5$1.50
1985/4Animals Importation (Exemption)2$1.50
1994/9Animals Importation (Ostriches)9$3.00
1995/13Animals Importation Regs7$3.00
1988/3Approval (Investment & Legas Trust Corporation1$0.50
1987/32Approval of Use (Asiatic Trust)1$0.50
1988/4Approval of Use (C. Is. Trust co. Ltd1$0.50
1998/6Approval of Use (Cook Islands & Banking Corp)2$1.50
1988/5Approval of Use (European Pacific Trust)1$0.50
1992/7Approval of Use (Hongkong)2$1.50
1987/15Approval of Use (International Trust Corp Ltd)1$0.50
1987/30Approval of Use (Investment & Gen. (Trust)1$0.50
1987/27Approval of Use (Pacific Int. Trust)1$0.50
1987/7Approval of Use (Pacific Trustee Co Ltd)1$0.50
1987/14Approval of Use (Rarotonga Trustee Co. Ltd)1$0.50
1980/19Approval of Use Order1$0.50
1982/5Approval of Use Order1$0.50
1986/4Approval of Use Order 19861$0.50
1998/4Approval of Use Trust1$0.50
1998/14Birth & Death Registration3$1.50
1975/6Births & Deaths Regisration Regs8$3.00
1990/10Births & Deaths Registration2$1.50
1979/11Boat Safety Rules3$1.50
1994/3Boat Safety Rules5$1.50
1991/5Building Controls & Standards1$0.50
1991/10Building Controls & Standards (Nat Building Code)3$1.50
1991/11Building Controls & Standards Regs.31$6.00
1969/2Building Standard specification Regs 19691$0.50
1986/1Business Development Fund3$1.50
1972/5C Is Land Owners Incorporation Regs. 19728$3.00
1980/15C. Is. Daylight Saving Time1$0.50
1989/17C. Is. Daylight Savings Time Revocation1$0.50
1986/5C. Is. Monetary Board (Appointment of Members)2$1.50
1991/2C. Is. Monetary Board (Prescribed Fees) Regs2$1.50
1982/6C. Is. Port of Entry2$1.50
1993/7C. Is. Ports oe Entry (Manihiki)2$1.50
1984/16C.Is. Monetary Board (Appmnt of Members)1$0.50
1980/13Carpentry & Joinery Apprenticeship11$4.50
1995/9Chattels Transfer (Fees)4$1.50
1996/1Chattels Transfer (Fees)3$1.50
1981/11Child Benefit1$0.50
1988/11Child Benefit1$0.50
1989/8Child Benefit1$0.50
1982/25Child Benefit Amdt2$1.50
1983/13Child Benefit Amdt1$0.50
1986/7Child Benefit Amdt1$0.50
1987/26Child Benefit Amdt Order1$0.50
1979/17Child Benefit Order1$0.50
1986/21CIDB Increase in Capital)1$0.50
1973/7Civil Aviation (Royal Visit) Regs.3$1.50
1981/6Civil Aviation Charges1$0.50
1977/5Civil Aviation Charges Amdt No. 12$1.50
1973/1Civil Aviation Charges Regs. 19739$3.00
1986/3Civil Aviation Regs 1953 Amdt 2510$3.00
1982/13Civil List1$0.50
1983/11Civil List1$0.50
1984/6Civil List1$0.50
1985/13Civil List1$0.50
2000/01Civil List2$1.50
1988/13Civil List (MP’s Allowances etc)13$4.50
1993/11Civil List (MP’s Allowances etc)4$1.50
1995/7Civil List (MP’s Allowances etc)17$6.00
1996/2Civil List (MP’s Allowances etc)15$6.00
1992/8Civil List (MP’s Allowances, etc)18$6.00
1988/6Civil List Order1$0.50
1974/3Code of Civil Procedure 1972 Comm Order1$0.50
1998/12Code of Civil Procedure of the High court Amdt Order.3$1.50
1981/13Code of Civil Proceeding153$50.00
1979/1Coinage 1967 Amdt No. 163$1.50
1984/4Coinage Amdt No. 192$1.50
1974/6Coinage Reg. 1967, No. 72$1.50
1981/4Coinage Regs 1964 Amdt No. 172$1.50
1987/12Coinage Regs 1967 (Amdt No. 23)23$8.50
1986/9Coinage Regs 1967 Amdt 212$1.50
1987/11Coinage Regs 1967 Amdt No. 23$1.50
1987/1Coinage Regs 1967 Amdt No. 233$1.50
1982/11Coinage Regs 1967 Amdt No. 82$1.50
1977/7Coinage Regs Amdt2$1.50
1986/8Coinage Regs. 1967 Amdt 202$1.50
1975/5Coinage Regs. 1967 Amdt No. 103$1.50
1973/8Coinage Regs. 1967 Amdt No. 5 (Original Missing)2$1.50
1972/4Coinage Regs. 1967, Amdt No. 34$1.50
1973/2Coinage Regs. 1967, Amdt No. 42$1.50
1974/5Coinage Regs. 1967, Amdt No. 63$1.50
1975/1Coinage Regs. 1967, Amdt No. 92$1.50
1974/7Coinage Regs. 1967, No. 81$0.50
1976/5Coinage Regs. 1976 Amdt No. 113$1.50
1976/8Coinage Regs. Amdt No. 122$1.50
1977/11Coinage Regs. Amdt No. 142$1.50
1990/2Com of Inquiry (Patrol boat “Te Kukupa”)2$1.50
1992/6Com of Inquiry (Review of Penalties)1$0.50
1989/1Commission of Inquiry2$1.50
1997/1Commission of Inquiry (Ngateina Makitae)2$1.50
1990/4Commission of Inquiry (Patrol Boat “Te Kukupa”)2$1.50
1998/9Commission of Inquiry (Political Review)3$1.50
1995/8Commission of Inquiry into Land Order4$1.50
2000/04Companies (Global Network Trust (Cook Islands) Limited)  Name Approval Order 20002$1.50
1989/15Companies (National Shipping & Chartering Ltd)1$0.50
1972/3Companies (Winding up) Rules 19725$1.50
1994/10Companies Approval of Use (Trustnet) C. Is.2$1.50
1971/1Companies Regs.36$12.00
1987/6Conservation (Application Order 1987)1$0.50
1987/21Conservation Order1$0.50
1988/10Conservation Services (Salary of Director)1$0.50
1999/2Constitutional & Other Polls (Reduction of Term)5$1.50
1994/2Constitutionnal & Other Polls8$3.00
1993/15Container Import Regs19$6.00
1978/6Cook Islands Daylight Time1$0.50
1979/5Cook Islands Ports of Entry Amdt2$1.50
1979/18Coroners Regs.9$3.00
1986/28Country Residence Dep.2$1.50
1981/7Court of Appeal14$4.50
1997/11Court of Appeal Rules3$1.50
1977/1Criminal Justice5$1.50
1991/20Currency (Destruction) Regs2$1.50
1991/21Currency Reserves Regs3$1.50
1987/9Customs (Duty Exemption)1$0.50
1991/1Customs (Overtime) Amdt2$1.50
1980/1Customs Amdt3$1.50
1982/10Customs Amdt1$0.50
1983/6Customs Amdt2$1.50
1984/12Customs Amdt1$0.50
1984/2Customs Amdt1$0.50
1985/5Customs Amdt3$1.50
1986/13Customs Amdt1$0.50
1987/20Customs Amdt1$0.50
1988/2Customs Amdt1$0.50
1988/15Customs Amdt (Fees for Officers Overtime)1$0.50
1989/19Customs Amdt (Overtime)1$0.50
1992/4Customs Amdt (Overtime)2$1.50
1987/4Customs Amdt 19871$0.50
1985/1Customs Amdt Regs1$0.50
1986/2Customs Amdt Regs1$0.50
1986/20Customs Amdt Regs3$1.50
1975/2Customs Amdt Regs 19752$1.50
1985/16Customs Amdt Regs. No. 21$0.50
1975/12Customs Exp Prohibitionn (N Z Money) Order 19752$1.50
1980/6Customs Export Prohibition (Empty Drums)2$1.50
1980/9Customs Export Prohibition (NZ) Money2$1.50
1975/11Customs Imp Prohibition (NZ Money)  Order 19752$1.50
1977/2Customs Import Prohibitiion (Off Weapons)2$1.50
1980/5Customs Import Prohibition (Indecent Document)1$0.50
1980/8Customs Import Prohibition (NZ Money)2$1.50
1985/18Customs Port of Entry (Atiu) Order1$0.50
1989/5Customs Port of Entry (Pukapuka)2$1.50
1972/2Customs Port of Entry Order 19722$1.50
1983/12Customs Tariff1$0.50
1984/11Customs Tariff2$1.50
1987/23Customs Tariff255$70.00
1994/22Customs Tariff (Alcoholic Beverages)11$4.50
1996/14Customs Tariff (Alcoholic Beverages)8$3.00
2000/08Customs Tariff (Alcoholic Beverages) Amendment Order 20009$4.50
1989/11Customs Tariff (Amdt Part II)9$3.00
1989/21Customs Tariff (Beverages, Spirit & Vinegar)3$1.50
1997/2Customs Tariff (Coconut Cream)2$1.50
1985/14Customs Tariff (Eggs)1$0.50
1985/17Customs Tariff (Eggs) No. 21$0.50
1988/17Customs Tariff (Fuel)2$1.50
1989/9Customs Tariff (Limes)1$0.50
1988/7Customs Tariff (Meat of Swine & Eggs in Shell)2$1.50
1995/6Customs Tariff (Miscellaneous)60$18.50
1989/18Customs Tariff (Motor Cycles)2$1.50
1992/14Customs Tariff (Motor Vehicle)15$4.50
1991/17Customs Tariff (Motor Vehicles) Amdt Order18$6.00
1991/12Customs Tariff (Overtime)2$1.50
1988/19Customs Tariff (Part II) Chemicals & Fertilizers)1$0.50
1988/14Customs Tariff (Part II) Machinery2$1.50
1995/5Customs Tariff (Tobacco & Petroleum)8$3.00
2000/07Customs Tariff (Tobacco and Petroleum) Amendment Order 20006$3.00
1990/1Customs Tariff (T-shirt)1$0.50
1988/22Customs Tariff (T-shirt) Amdt Order 19882$1.50
2000/02Customs Tariff (Vegetable Products)5$1.50
2000/05Customs Tariff (Vehicles Amendment Order 200012$4.50
1982/23Customs Tariff Amdt2$1.50
1983/15Customs Tariff Amdt2$1.50
1984/15Customs Tariff Amdt2$1.50
1987/10Customs Tariff Amdt3$1.50
1996/16Customs Tariff Amdt (Beer Kit)2$1.50
1989/3Customs Tariff Amdt (Cigarettes & Tobacco)1$0.50
1991/19Customs Tariff Amdt (Coconut Cream)4$1.50
1991/3Customs Tariff Amdt (Motor Vehicles)1$0.50
1987/29Customs Tariff Amdt (No. 2)3$1.50
1985/2Customs Tariff Amdt (tobacco)1$0.50
1967/3Customs Tariff Amdt 1967 (Replaced by 87/23)
1986/6Customs Tariff Amdt Motor Spirit2$1.50
1973/5Customs Tariff Amdt Order37$12.00
1974/4Customs Tariff Amdt Order11$4.50
1986/27Customs Tariff Amdt Order2$1.50
1986/29Customs Tariff Amdt Order1$0.50
1991/7Customs Tariff Amdt Order4$1.50
1989/22Customs Tariff Amdt Order 1989250$50.00
1986/11Customs Tariff Concession Amdt2$1.50
1980/20Customs Tariff Part 2 Concession1$0.50
1985/6Customs Tariff Part II1$0.50
1984/3Customs Tariff Part II concession1$0.50
1985/19Dangerous Goods Order2$1.50
1979/16Daylight Time Order1$0.50
1978/8Development Investment2$1.50
1981/3Development Investment2$1.50
1996/11Development Investment (Commencement)1$0.50
1978/1Development Investment No. 22$1.50
1979/4Development Investment Order2$1.50
1981/12Development Investment Order
1981/2Development Investment Order
1996/12Development Investment Regs11$4.50
1983/10Diplomatic Privileges3$1.50
1975/4Diplomatic Privileges (SPEC) amdt Order 19752$1.50
1973/4Diplomatic Privileges (SPEC) Order3$1.50
1979/2Diplomatic Privileges CFTC3$1.50
1987/5Dogs Registration (Fees)1$0.50
1993/16Domestic Plant Quarantine2$1.50
1997/18Electoral  (Apptmt of Deputy CE Officer)2$1.50
1972/1Electoral  Act 1969 Commencement Order 19721$0.50
1989/16Electoral (Appointment of Electoral Officers)1$0.50
1988/16Electoral (Appointment of Officers)1$0.50
1989/2Electoral (appointment of Officers)2$1.50
1991/15Electoral (Apptmnt of Deputy CE Officer)3$1.50
1997/17Electoral (Apptmt of CE Officer)2$1.50
1990/14Electoral (Apptmt of Chief Electoral Officer)1$0.50
1989/7Electoral (Auckland Polling Area)8$3.00
1993/9Electoral (Auckland Polling Area) Revocation2$1.50
1992/1Electricity y Supply Regs31$12.00
1973/3Employers’ Liability Insurance Amdt Regs.5$1.50
1980/2Entry, Residence & Departure2$1.50
1983/3Entry, Residence & Departure2$1.50
1993/19Entry, Residence & Departure (David  Lloyd)2$1.50
1993/18Entry, Residence & Departure (Elliot R. Smith)2$1.50
1989/14Entry, Residence & Departure (Fees)3$1.50
1995/2Entry, Residence & Departure (Howard Morrison)1$0.50
1991/9Entry, Residence & Departure (Rob Worthington)2$1.50
1976/3Entry, Residence & Departure Fees4$1.50
1982/1Entry, Residence & Departure Fees2$1.50
1984/10Entry, Residence & Departure Fees2$1.50
1997/14Entry, Residence & Departure Fees4$1.50
1998/2Entry, Residence/Departure Fees2$1.50
1979/14Exclusive Economic Zone13$4.50
1987/33Films & Censorship (Fees)2$1.50
1989/10Films & Censorship (Fees)1$0.50
1986/25Films & Censorship Order7$3.00
1982/2Fruit & Vegetable Export11$4.50
1993/17Fruit & Vegetables Export Amdt3$1.50
1982/7Fugitive Offenders2$1.50
1997/8Gaming (Fees)3$1.50
1998/1Gaming Fees3$1.50
1979/12General Shipping10$3.00
1981/14High Court Fees,  Costs etc10$3.00
1997/10High Court Fees, Costs & Allowances10$3.00
1996/3Higher Salaries Commission1$0.50
1990/7Higher Salaries Commission Order5$1.50
1986/24Hire Purchase Order (Commencement)1$0.50
1976/7Import Levy (Auto Diesel)2$1.50
1980/7Import Levy (Empty Drums)1$0.50
1977/8Import Levy (Industrial Equipment)2$1.50
1977/4Import Levy Exempt, (Comm. Proj)2$1.50
1980/10Import Levy Exemption (Motor Vehicle)2$1.50
1976/1Import Levy Exemption (NZ Aid Projects)  19762$1.50
1976/2Import Levy Exemption (Overseas Agencies)  19762$1.50
1974/8Import Levy Exemption Order 19741$0.50
1997/19Importation of Motor Vehicles (SP Forum)11$4.50
1988/21Income Tax (Deposits with Banks)2$1.50
1988/9Int Departure Tax (NZ) Military Exemption1$0.50
1987/18International Companies1$0.50
1997/6International Companies (Prescribed Fees)3$1.50
1984/1International Companies (Shares )1$0.50
1982/17International Company (Forms)41$15.00
1982/16International Company (Shares)3$1.50
1982/15International Company Prescribed Fees2$1.50
1984/17International Departure Tax1$0.50
1994/12International Departure Tax3$1.50
1985/8International Partnership (Forms & Fees)9$3.00
1994/19International Trust (Forms & Fees)2$1.50
1985/7International Trusts (Forms & Fees)9$3.00
1993/3International Trusts (Forms & Fees)1$0.50
1986/17Judicature Amdt (No. 2)1$0.50
1986/16Judicature Amdt Act Commencement Order1$0.50
1982/8Judicature Amdt Commencement1$0.50
1977/10Judicial Salaries2$1.50
1980/17Judicial Salaries2$1.50
1982/12Judicial Salaries2$1.50
1979/3Judicial Salaries Order2$1.50
1975/3Judicial Salaries Orders 19752$1.50
1981/10Judicial Salaries Ordinance2$1.50
1969/6Jurors Fees & Allowances2$1.50
1988/1Jurors Fees & allowances2$1.50
1994/4Law practitioners (Admission)7$3.00
1977/9Leases Exemptions Amdt. No. 11$0.50
1977/6Leases Restirctions Regs.11$4.50
1990/5Leases Restriction Amdt2$1.50
1978/4Levy Exemptions Repealed 1978/42$1.50
1991/4Liquor Licensing (Fee) Regs3$1.50
1990/8Liquor Licensing Commencement Order1$0.50
1968/2Local Govt. Act Commencement Order 19681$0.50
1969/1Local Govt. Act Commencement Order 19691$0.50
1977/3Local Govt. Elect, Amdt Regs2$1.50
1968/1Local Govt. Electoral Regs 1968
1968/3Local Govt. Electoral Regs 1968 Amdt No. 11$0.50
1971/2Local Govt. Electoral Regs. 1968 Amdt No. 22$1.50
1967/1Local Govt.Act Commencement Order 19671$1.50
1991/14Manihiki Pearl & Pearl Shell by laws4$1.50
1994/21Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquor18$6.00
1987/35Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquor (Beer Duty)6$1.50
1996/15Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquor (Beer Duty)1$0.50
1994/11Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquor Regs19$6.00
1995/3Marine  (Licensing & Regulation of Fishing Vessels)42$15.00
1998/13Marriage (Fees) Regs 19983$1.50
1999/7Marriage (Fees) Regs 19993$1.50
1990/11Marriage Amdt2$1.50
1975/7Marriage Regs 19757$3.00
1993/4Matrimonial Property Rules15$4.50
1997/9Mauke Water Rates Bylaws2$1.50
1987/22Member of Parliament Amdt Order4$1.50
1984/13Members of Parliament (Allowances etc2$1.50
1985/12Members of Parliament (Allowances etc3$1.50
1984/9Members of Parliament (Allowances, etc8$3.00
1987/25Members of Parliament Allowances. Etc1$0.50
1996/10Meteorological Services (Commencement)2$1.50
2000/03Minimum Wage Order2$1.50
1992/5Minimum Wage Order 199210$3.00
1982/26Monetary Board1$0.50
1989/4Money Order Regs 1949 Amdt (12)2$1.50
1982/21Money Order Regs 1949 No. 102$1.50
1983/7Money Order Regs. 1949 Amdt No. 111$0.50
1975/8Money Order Regs. 1949 Amdt Order No. 92$1.50
1980/14Motor Industry Apprenticeship16$6.00
1986/26Motor Vehicles Dealers1$0.50
1987/34Motor Vehicles Dealers (License)1$0.50
1986/23Noise – control Act Application1$0.50
1982/14Offshore Banking2$1.50
1983/4Offshore Banking1$0.50
1991/18Off-shore Banking Amdt1$0.50
1985/9Offshore Banking(“C”) Licensing2$1.50
1998/11Offshore Financial Services (Commencement)2$1.50
1982/19Offshore Insurance2$1.50
1992/9Ombudsman (Appointment & Salary)2$1.50
1994/1Ombudsman (Remuneration)3$1.50
1986/18Ombudsman (Salary Order)2$1.50
1988/20Outer Islands (Aitutaki Paua) by laws3$1.00
1988/18Outer Islands Local Govt (Remuneration)2$1.50
1990/16Outer Islands Local Govt. (Remuneration)3$1.50
1983/9Penrhyn Harbour Charges and Fees5$1.50
1997/22Penrhyn Pearl & Pearl Shell12$4.50
1993/10Penrhyn Pearl & Pearl Shell  by-laws19$6.00
1999/11PERCA (Appointment of Director)6$3.00
1996/6PERCA (Commencement)2$1.50
1999/6PERCA (Remuneration of Chairman)2$1.50
1999/9PERCA (Remuneration of Chairman) (No. 2)2$1.50
1997/15PERCA (Remuneration of Chairman) Order 19972$1.50
1997/16PERCA (Remuneration of Other  Members)2$1.50
1999/8PERCA (Remuneration of Other Committee Members)2$1.50
1999/10PERCA (Remuneration of Other Committee Members) (No. 2)2$1.50
1994/24PIT (Operators of Domestic Air Services)1$0.50
1976/4Plant Introduction & Quarantine30$8.50
1985/3Plant Introduction & Quarantine2$1.50
1980/4Plant Introduction & Quarantine Amdt1$0.50
1993/14Plant Quarantine30$8.50
1987/19Police Amdt1$0.50
1982/20Postal Amdt5$1.50
1978/5Postal Amdt No. 36$3.00
1984/18Postal Amending5$1.50
1989/20Postal Amending4$1.50
1987/24Postal Amending Regs6$3.00
1975/10Postal Amending Regs (No. 2) 19755$1.50
1984/7Prevention of Juvenile1$0.50
1969/3Prevention of Juvenile Crime Act Regs. Order1$0.50
1981/8Prisons Amdt
1968/4Prisons Regs 196830$8.50
1994/23Private Import Tax (Dev Act Incentives)1$0.50
1993/8Private Import Tax (Telecom C. Is)2$1.50
1991/6Private Import Tax Alteration1$0.50
1987/28Public Health Regs9$3.00
1990/9Public Holidays (Aitutaki Gospel Day)1$0.50
1989/13Public Holidays (Penrhyn Gospel Day)1$0.50
1992/2Public Holidays (Pukapuka Gospel Day)1$0.50
1992/3Public Holidays (Rakahanga Gospel Day)1$0.50
1991/8Public Holidays (Rarotonga Gospel Day)1$0.50
1996/5Public Service (Identification of Departments)2$1.50
1997/5Public Service (Identification of Dept)2$1.50
1996/4Public Service Act (Commencement)2$1.50
1967/2Public Service Regs 196720$6.00
1993/12Radio Regs21$8.50
1993/13Radio Shipping Regs18$6.00
1972/6Raro Airport (Land Use Restrictions) Order 19722$1.50
1981/5Rarotonga Airport Authority2$1.50
1969/5Rarotonga Airport Construction Order4$1.50
1986/10Rarotonga Harbour Control Amdt2$1.50
1974/1Rarotonga Harbour Control Regs5$1.50
1999/5Rarotonga Local Government1$0.50
1998/3Rarotonga Local Govt. (Commencement) Order2$1.50
1998/10Rarotonga Local Govt. (Date of Election)2$1.50
1984/5Renumeration of Island Councillors1$0.50
1983/5Revocation of Zoning1$0.50
1993/1Salary of  Clerk2$1.50
1969/4Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1974/2Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1976/6Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1978/2Salary of Clerk2$1.50
1980/18Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1981/9Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1982/24Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1983/1Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1983/14Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1984/8Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1985/11Salary of Clerk1$0.50
1999/1Salary of Clerk2$1.50
1993/6Salary of Clerk No. 21$0.50
1988/8Salary, Allowances etc for Clerk of Parliament1$0.50
1984/14Salary, etc for Clerk of Legislative Assembly2$1.50
1993/5Sale of Liquor (Airport Licenses)2$1.50
1992/10Sale of Liquor Commencement1$0.50
1992/13Sale of Liquor Licensing Fee7$3.00
1987/36Shipping (“TUAHINE”) Rules 19874$1.50
1994/7Shipping (Acadea B) Rules5$1.50
1994/6Shipping (Avatapu) Rules6$3.00
1999/4Shipping (Commencement Order)1$0.50
1979/19Shipping (Crescent Gypsy)4$1.50
1979/6Shipping (Dolly Varden) Rules4$1.50
1979/7Shipping (Manuvai) Rules6$3.00
1994/5Shipping (Marthalina) Rules6$3.00
1979/8Shipping (Mataora) Rules6$3.00
1997/20Shipping (Maunga Roa) Amdt1$0.50
1997/12Shipping (Maunga Roa) Rules6$3.00
1997/21Shipping (Te Kou Maru) Amdt1$0.50
1997/13Shipping (Te Kou Maru) Rules5$1.50
2000/06Shipping (Tonnage Measurement) Regulations 20008$3.00
1979/9Shipping (Torea) Rules4$1.50
1979/10Shipping Collision Rules20$6.00
1986/12Shipping Registry31$12.00
1997/4Shipping Registry (Short International Voyages)3$1.50
1986/14Small Claims Act Commencement1$0.50
1986/30Small Claims Order (Remuneration)1$0.50
1986/15Small Claims Rules8$3.00
1994/8Small Craft (Inter-Islands Voyages) Safety Rules4$1.50
1982/9South Seas Distilling Co.2$1.50
1989/12Taking of Land at Rarotonga Cook Islands1$0.50
1998/5Taking of Land for Public Purposes (Tauhunu)1$0.50
1995/1Taking of Land for Public Purposes at Aitutaki1$0.50
1999/3Taking of Land for Public Purposes at Manihiki1$0.50
1998/7Taking of Land for Public Purposes for Tukao1$0.50
1990/3Tariff (tobacco & Manufactured Substituted)2$1.50
1975/9Telegraph Regs 19752$1.50
1979/15Territorial Sea Commencement Order1$0.50
1990/15Tourist Accommodation Licensing Fee4$1.50
1993/2Tourist Accommodation Licensing Fee3$1.50
1970/1Tourist Authority Regs. 19709$3.00
1991/16Tourist Restaurant Licensing Fee3$1.50
1995/4Transport (Fees & Forms for Licensing7$3.00
1992/12Transport (Infringement Offences)4$1.50
1997/3Transport (Minor Offences Notice)3$1.50
1990/6Transport Fees3$1.50
1991/13Transport Fees Amdt2$1.50
1992/11Transport Fees Amdt Order1$0.50
1991/22Treasury Regs8$3.00
1969/7Treasury Regs.9$3.00
1982/18Trustee Companies2$1.50
1996/13Trustee Companies (Due Diligence)4$1.50
1997/7Trustee Companies Amdt2$1.50
1980/16Turnover Tax4$1.50
1987/13Turnover Tax (European Pacific)1$0.50
1985/10Turnover Tax (Exemption of Goods)2$1.50
1985/15Turnover Tax (Exemption of Goods) Revocation1$0.50
1987/16Turnover Tax (Exemption Order)1$0.50
1987/17Turnover Tax (Exemption Order)1$0.50
1987/2Turnover Tax Exemption Order 19871$0.50
1987/3Turnover Tax Exemption Order 19871$0.50
1987/8Turnover Tax Exemption Order 19871$0.50
1994/20United Nations (South African Sanctions)2$1.50
1990/12United Nations Sanctions (Iraq & Kuwait) Regs8$3.00
1983/8Use Tax Exemption Amdt2$1.50
1981/1Use Tax Order
1975/13Waterfront (Delivery & Acceptance of Cargo) 19755$1.50
1994/16Welfare (Child Benefit)2$1.50
1996/8Welfare (Child Benefit)2$1.50
1995/11Welfare (Child Benefits)2$1.50
1994/18Welfare (Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief)2$1.50
1995/10Welfare (Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief)2$1.50
1996/7Welfare (Destitute & Infirm Persons Relief)2$1.50
1994/17Welfare (Old Age Pension)2$1.50
1995/12Welfare (Old Age Pension)2$1.50
1996/9Welfare (Old Age Pension)2$1.50
1973/6Zoning Order2$1.50