Visiting Parliament

Visiting Parliament

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Main Road, Nikao, opposite Turama Pacific Travel Group Building (Island Hopper)

+682 26 500

Opening hours

8.00am to 4.00pm

Closed on ALL Public Holidays.

Admission is free

Entry at all times is free of charge. 

For groups

Contact us to make bookings for groups. 

Getting to Parliament House


Parking is free and you can park in the front of the Parliament building.

Accessible spaces can be found at the back of the building.


Our Cook Island buses can stop right outside the building, about 5 metres from the main entrance.

For the local bus timetable, visit https://www.busaboutraro.com/schedule.


Please find an appropriate area to park your bicycle as they cannot be brought into the Parliament House.

Conditions of entry

Dress Code

All visitors are expected to uphold a reasonable standard of dress on the premises.

Ladies are not permitted to wear slacks, three-quarter pants and shorts both in and out of the Chamber. Men are required to wear tie either with or without suit jacket in the Chamber.



The Cook Islands COVID-19 Response Plan 2021 elaborates on the new normal; and living life with COVID-19 in the Cook Islands. The plan provides guidance to multi-sectoral response efforts to COVID 19 and will help the Cook Islands and its people stay safe and adaptable.

Specifically, it sets out processes for:
1. inter-agency cooperation in coordinating a nationwide response;
2. effective use of legislation and policies to support the management of an epidemic;
3. mobilisation of resources and finances;
4. strategic communications to build public trust and confidence; and
5. community and stakeholder engagement across all sectors.


Pursuant to the COVID-19 (Public Health Measures) Regulations 2021, it is hereby notified for public attention that as of 8.00 am, Friday 14 January, 2022, the following protocols will be observed within the Parliament of the Cook Islands Precinct.

These protocols will remain in force until further notice.

1. All intending visitors are encouraged to initially make their queries by phone or by email to determine whether such queries can be dealt with over the phone, by email, or if it requires a face-to-face meeting- with a staff member. Anyone who is unwell is advised not to seek a face to face meeting.
2. Anyone needing to meet with any Parliamentary Service Staff is required to make an appointment in order to confirm the availability of the specific staff member, the best time for the meeting and the number of people attending the meeting.
3. All visitors are to enter the Parliamentary Services Offices through the main entrance only (located towards the Arorangi side of the building) and present themselves to the Reception before entry into the foyer.
4. Upon entry in the foyer, visitors are required to observe the following protocols:

We thank everyone in advance for their patience and cooperation.
For more information, please contact the Snr Administration Officer on +682 26 500 or email sarah.takairangi@cookislnds.gov.ck


Kua akataka mai te Parani Paruru Koviti-19 2021 a te Kuki Airani no te tu ora’anga ou; e pera te tu o te ora’anga me tae mai te Koviti-19 ki roto nei i te Kuki Airani. Kua oronga mai te parani i te kaveinga ki te au paruru’anga i roto i tetai au tu’anga keke o te Kavamani ki te maki Koviti-19 i roto nei i te Kuki Airani. Kua akataka meitaki mai teia i te au rave’anga no te:

1. taokotai’anga o te au tu’anga kēkē o te Kavamani no te paruru’anga i te basileia katoa;

2. akapuapinga’anga i te au Ture Nui e te au Ture Iti no te turu i te anga’anga no teia maki;

3. akaneke’anga i te au tauturu e te tutaki’anga;

4. akakite’anga tau kia tupu te irinaki’anga e te akapapu’anga ki te iti tangata; e pera

5. anga’anga kapiti ki te au tuanga katoatoa o te iti tangata.


Kia tau ki te Ture Iti 2021 Koviti-19 (Au Ravenga no te Ora’anga Tangata), te akakite ia nei kia kite te katoatoa e, mei te ora 8.00 i te popongi Varaire ra 14 no Tianuare, 2022, ka aru ia teia au ture i roto nei i te aua o te Paramani. Ka vai rai teia au ture e tae uatu ki te tuatau e akakite iatu ei tetai au taui’anga.

1. Tetai uatu ka anoano i te aravei mai, te akamaroiroi iatu nei kia na mua i te taniuniu mai na runga i te tereponi me kore te imere, me kore me ka anoano ia kia aravei mai mata-ki-te-mata, i tetai tangata i konei. Ko tetai uatu e maki tona, te pati iatu nei auraka kia tuku mai i tetai pati’anga aravei mata-kite-mata.

2. Ko tetai uatu te ka anoano kia aravei i tetai tangata anga’anga o te Paramani, ka anoano’ia kia akano’o i tetai uipa’anga kia akapapu e ka va mai te tangata anga’anga, te tuatau meitaki no te uipa’anga, e te tare tangata no te uipa’anga.

3. Kia tomo mai te katoatoa ki te Opati o te Paramani na roto mai i te ngutupa maata (i te tua ki Arorangi o te Opati) e aere atu ki te tuanga Aka’aravei (Reception) i mua ake ka tomo mai ei ki mua.

4. Me tomo mai ki mua, ka anoanoi’a kia aru i teia au ture i raro nei: 1. 

Te akameitaki atu nei au i te katoatoa i mua ake no te akakoromaki e te vaerua taokotai.
No tetai au akamaramarama’anga me kare ui’anga ke atu, kia taniuni mai i te Opita Akatere’anga

(Snr Administration Officer) i runga i te numero +682 26 500, me kore imere atu ia

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted in or around the Parliament House. 

Photos and videos

You are welcome to take photos or videos in the public areas of Parliament House, provided they are for private use and not for commercial purposes. 

Please follow any direction/s provided by our friendly staff.