Aitutaki Pathfinder Clubs Visit Parliament

By Isaac Solomona – Contract Transcriber/Editor

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On Tuesday 15th October 2019, the Pathfinder Clubs from Amuri and Vaipae SDA churches of Aitutaki visited our Parliament. The visitors included the young Pathfinders and their parents that have participated in a Cook Islands Pathfinder Camporee during the school holiday hosted by the Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinder Clubs on Rarotonga.

The Pathfinder Leaders of the Aitutaki churches wanted to include the Parliament as part of their programme while they are in Rarotonga. Overall about 60 visitors both young and old came to visit the Parliament in the group. Acting Clerk, Mrs. Tai Manavaroa welcomed the visitors and introduced the staff before handing the session to Mr. Isaac Solomona to conduct a learning engagement about our Parliament to the visitors.

Isaac Solomona – Contract Transcriber with the Group

The session was conducted in the Cook Islands Reo Maori and by the look on the visitor’s face it seems they enjoyed the things that they were taught about Parliament throughout the session. After an hour of exchange between the visitors and the Parliament spokesperson, the visitors were treated to a hearty refreshments prepared by the staff of Parliament.

An Elder on behalf of the groups conveyed the appreciation of both the Pathfinders and parents to the heads of Parliament for accepting their request to visit the institution. The Pathfinder Clubs and parents wanted to clean the Parliament beach as a gesture of appreciation to Parliament for hosting them. This deed of goodwill was accepted because of the eagerness of the children to do the work. Thank you, to the Amuri and Vaipae SDA Pathfinder Clubs for cleaning the Parliament grounds and beach.