Parliament Sitting 19 June 2020

Parliament was a bit short today with Question time and then the presentation fo the Appropriation Bill by Hon. Mark Brown adjourned Parliament until Monday 22 June 1pm, for the Members to go through the bill and budget books over the weekend. 10am Sitting 12pm Sitting

Immigration Bill Select Committee Community Consultations Replays

For the first time we’ve streamed the Vaka Community consultations so people that were unable to attend or people overseas could hear first hand on what is happening regarding Bills that may affect them in future to listen in and leave comments. We have new equipment arriving in June so we will have improved ability […]

Immigration Bill

This Bill reforms and modernises immigration law in the Cook Islands. This Bill takes account of extensive consultation in the Cook Islands about how to change the immigration system in a way which best suits the needs of the Cook Islands. XN Immigration Bill 2020 (VT) Immigration Bill 2020